Angels From The Realms Of Glory

From Phil Moore’s 2020 album Home for Christmas: Carols for a very different Christmas 

This classic but lesser-known Christmas carol gets a funky modern twist that makes it ideal for online or in-person carol services (with limited congregational singing). The harmony of male and female vocals means it can be sung along with or listened to with equal appreciation. 


1) Is it fine to upload this song as part of an online service?

Yes. Song copyright is in two sections: the songwriting copyright and the recording copyright.

This song is in the public domain because the songwriting copyright has expired. In the UK the songwriting copyright for a song expires 70 years after the composer or songwriter has passed away. As this song is in the public domain it is available for musicians to adapt, arrange, use and record.

The copyright for the recording of this song is owned by the recording artist. A licence to use this recording as part of your online church service is outlined below, and included in the purchase of this download.

After purchasing this video you are allowed to upload it as part of an online service.

2) What is the licence agreement?

By purchasing this video you are being granted a licence for its use in the following ways:

  • To use the video as part of a complete online church service of no less than 20mins, comprising no more than 60% musical content.
  • To display the video at an offline, in person, church service or small group.



Arranged by Phil Moore

Phil is from Belfast, Northern Ireland (and proud of it!) and has been involved in making music in church for most of his life, writing songs for the church as well as leading sung worship at conferences and events around the UK. Phil is now the Director of Ministry for Youth/Music at Cornerstone in Nottingham. Phil is married to Gill and has two young sons.

Written by: Henry Thomas Smart

Written by: James Montgomery

Audio Production by: Matt Dennis

Video Production by: Max Broadbent

Video Production by: Sam Cooper

Piano & Vocals by: Phil Moore

Vocals: Sally Jackman

Electric Guitar: Stewart Garry

Drums: Archie Rowell

Bass Guitar: Ifeanyi Echeta

Additional Guitars: Calvin Hollingworth