Anybody Home?

Uncover: Mark

This video begins to explore the themes of uncertainty, expectation and connection that are found in the gospel of Mark.

It was produced by UCCF: The Christian Unions to go with their Uncover Mark project.

Poet Mike Hood tells the story of how his Grandfather would explore abandoned houses with his friends as a child. They would shout out, “Is anybody here? Is anybody home?”

This narrative is weaved throughout the film, which chops and changes between modern day scenes and the boys. The poem asks: are we are really alone in this life? Are we the captains of our souls? Are we free – or are we lost?

At the end of the film, the boys are shocked to hear someone coming into the empty home. We see the expression on their faces change from frightened anticipation to smiles. We are given a taste of what it is like to be truly ‘found.’

To find the Uncover Mark gospel project, including seeker studies and accompanying resources, check out:

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Is there any part of the video that moved or spoke to you? Why?
  • Are any of the deeper questions in the film ones that you have asked or thought about before?



Produced by UCCF

UCCF: The Christian Unions is made up of over 200 Christian Unions representing 20,000 Christian students from all sorts of church backgrounds and denominations. Their aim is to give every student in Britain an opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Script: Mike Hood

Music: Rachel Jamieson

Performed by: Alex Donaldson

Performed by: Jethro West

Performed by: Isaac West

Director of Photography: Kat Luke

Director of Photography: Sam Lucas