Mad Titan or Saviour? (Spoilers)

Mad Titan or Saviour? (Spoilers)

Thanos, the villain in the latest Marvel movie, ushers in his so called salvation. Here's a short video looking at the theme of salvation and sacrifice and how we need a rescue.

Avengers Infinity War has smashed box office records already. This movie is the culmination of 10 years of the MCU and features most of the Marvel super heros. There’s a strong theme of salvation through sacrifice weaved through the movie. This short evangelistic video reviews the video and compares Thanos’ so called salvation with that wonderful salvation of Jesus’.

Possible discussion questions

So many movies feature themes of salvation and sacrifice. Why do you think we find these stories so compelling?

What do you think of the comparisons in the video between Thanos' so called salvation and Jesus' salvation?


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