Why do we explore?

This thoughtshort explores the human desire to explore barren places.

By looking at explorers of old and our bug for travelling today – the video poses that it isn’t just a search for natural resources that leads us to explore, but a desire to connect with something more profound.

In the wilderness, people are often stripped of their normal ‘safety barriers’ of technology and shelter. It’s here that they find freedom to reflect. They also find freedom from pretence. They can be themselves, laid bare. As they have disconnected they can connect with something greater. The great thinker Rudolph Otto describes it as an “unsearchable otherness”.

The video ends by asking: “What do you find in barren places?”

Possible Discussion Questions

  • When your phone is off or the internet is down – do you find yourself reflecting more than normal?
  • Do you agree that humans have a desire to connect with ‘something more’?

Related Bible Reference

  • Acts 17:26-27
  • Psalm 139:1



Produced by owlinspace

Owlinspace makes “cinematic, academic, existential films”. They are a cross-disciplinary team of academics and creatives, who combine the simplicity of good storytelling with the insight of cutting edge research, to craft film.

Narrated by Tom Cozens

Tom Cozens is a producer and presenter based in London UK as the Director at owlinspace. Tom has worked with a variety of companies including Disney, Sony, the BBC, CTVC, TBN UK, Ethos Education, CSLI London, Oasis and A Rocha. Having studied both Science at Cambridge and Philosophy & World Religion at Oxford.