Holy Sweat

Powerful spoken word poem about working for God’s glory.

It’s so easy to neglect God’s kingdom and purpose, instead prioritising living for the here and now. Written and performed by Ben Holmes who draws on his own experience of this, talking about how we need to work hard from a place of salvation and love, not for it, but for God’s glory.

“Let beads of holy sweat, free you from complacency, compromise and conformity. Let’s not be standard Christians but ones who plough to the end of their field and beyond affecting eternity.”

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why do we not need to work for our salvation?
  • Does this video challenge you about working for Christ?

Related Bible Reference

  • Hebrews 12:1



Produced by Speak Life

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Performed by: Benjamin Holmes

Videographer: Pete Collison

Videographer: Matthew Schaefer