I'm Not That Bad

I'm Not That Bad

I’m not as bad as them! We often compare ourselves to others don’t we.

But what if our lives aren’t judged against our mates, neighbours, or the heroes and villains from history. What if instead the standard needed was perfection! How could we stand up? This video shares how we can have a new life! One where we’re free to face the future because Jesus has been judged in our place. When he died on the cross he took away all the judgement against us. And through his resurrection he offers us new life. A new life where you’re free: Free from the judgement of others, a new life where your past is left behind you and where you’re right with God.

Possible discussion questions

Why do we often compare ourselves to others?

If God judges will I be alright, I’m not that bad, am I?


Do you ever compare yourself to others and think I’m not perfect but I’m not as bad as them. Do you ever judge people? Of course you do – other drivers, people on TV talent or reality shows.

What about those people who order super-sized meals with a diet coke?
Then there are people who’ve hurt us, the people that we’ve fallen out with, isn’t it funny how it’s always their fault.

As well as judging others we feel judged too. On the sports field, in the workplace, down the club, in the gym, by other mums if you’re a mum by other dads if you’re a dad, by brothers, sisters, parents, partners, friends, it seems like we’re always in the dock or under the microscope.

Do you ever hear people talk about a judgement day? Imagine yourself before the judge at the very end of time, what do you see, how do you feel? There are a few things that you’ve done that you’d rather nobody knew about but you can sweep them under the carpet.

There are a few things that you’ve done and you’re really proud of them. If you put everything on the scales the good would surely away the bad wouldn’t it? They’re definitely people out there who are better than us, but there are a whole lot of people out there who are worse aren’t there?

You know you may not be as good as you could be, but you’re a lot better than some. If the day of judgement comes you’re pretty sure you’ll be okay. You’re not that bad. The Bible tells us that the day of judgment will be a reality and here’s the thing our lives won’t be judged against our mates or neighbours. Our lives won’t be judged against the heroes and villains from history.

On that day the only person we will be compared to is Jesus. Our life against his life, this gives us no wriggle room. There is nothing bad to pin on him. So this leaves us nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. There’s nothing we can say in our defence. That’s the bad news and it feels bad doesn’t it.

But keep listening there’s good news too. This same Jesus against whose life we will be judged offers us a better way to stand before God. A way which lifts this heavy feeling that thinking about judgment leaves us with. Jesus says to us forget about comparing yourself with others, forget all this “I’m not as bad as” and “I’m better than” 

However bad you are, however good you think you are. Whatever it is you’ve done and you wished you hadn’t the things that you should have done but you never got around to. I will forgive you. When I died on the cross I took away all the judgment against you. When I rose again from the dead I did that to offer you new life.

A new life where you’re free. Not just free from the judgment of others but a new life where your past is behind you. And that your free to face the future knowing I’ve been judged in your place. When you know that you can stand before the perfect judge without dreading it you will be free from embarrassment, free from fear, free from being judged a failure, free.

You don’t need to go around saying to yourself I’m not as bad as them. I mean wouldn’t you rather be free.

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