I’m Not That Bad

Why comparing ourselves to others is a waste of time!

What if our lives aren’t judged against our mates, our neighbours, or the heroes and villains from history? What if, instead, the standard needed was perfection? How could we ever stand up to that?! This video shares how we can have a new life, where we’re free to face the future because Jesus has been judged in our place. When he died on the cross he took away all the judgement against us. Through his resurrection he offers us a new life of freedom: free from the judgement of others, free from the mistakes of the past. Jesus offers you a future where you’re right with God, free forever.

These videos were created as an evangelism project by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why do we often compare ourselves to others?
  • If God judges will I be alright, I’m not that bad, am I?