Is Mark’s Story Reliable?

Can the Gospels be trusted? Have a closer look at the Gospel of Mark.

Dr. Peter Williams, New Testament Lecturer at the University of Cambridge invites us to consider the historical Biblical writings of Mark.

Sometimes people suggest that the four Gospels were chosen by the ‘winners’ after Christians gained political power. In fact, they were produced in the centuries when Christians had no political power and no Roman Emperor had declared support for Christianity.

Given that Jesus was not part of the social elite, it’s surprising that we even have one biography of his life, but, we have four, called Gospels – that’s more than we have for the most famous person of Jesus’ day, the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

But the best way to find out if Mark’s story is true is to read it for yourself. Join Mark as he gets up close and personal with the most famous person in world history and see what you make of Jesus.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Did any of the points made in the video surprise you?
  • Have you read the Gospel of Mark? What is your response to it?



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