Produced by Rod March

Parable Of The Talents

How should we use the gifts God has given to us?

In this parable, we see a master handing out bags of money to his three servants before he travels away for a time. Each servant is given a different amount of money, but all are expected to use this money wisely; to invest it and work hard in order to produce more.

While the first two servants do exactly the right thing, we see that the third one does not. He is either afraid of losing the money, or just lazy and instead decides to bury it away until his master returns.

The master is, of course, delighted in his first two servants and rewards them but the third is sent away.

The money (or ‘talents’) in the parable is a picture of the individual talents or gifts that God has given to each one of us. We are all different, and we have diverse passions and abilities. This parable challenges us to think about whether we are using our talents for good, or if we are wasting them.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What gifts or talents has God given to you?
  • Think of some ways that you can use these gifts to serve God and others.

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 25:14-30



Produced by Rod March

Rod is a screenwriter, director and animator based in Sydney. After completing a Bachelor in Design (Visual Communication), Rod has worked as a director or animator on a number of movies, short films and freelance projects.