Three students share part of their story about finding faith.

We all have a story to tell – we love to talk about what is most important to us.

In this video, three young people talk about why they made the decision to become a Christian and how they got to that point. Each person is different, so each story is very different.

Think about your own story: some of us may have had a Christian upbringing, some may have been atheists, and some may have wrestled with doubts about God’s character. Eventually, we must all make a choice about who we think Jesus is.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Which of these three ‘stories’ would you most identify with?
  • Think about where you are on your own journey of knowing God.



Produced by Durham Christian Union

Durham Christian Union are a group of students at Durham University who are convinced it is worth telling the whole of Durham University about who Jesus is!