The Queen’s King?

To celebrate the Queen’s 90 years here are loads of surprising facts about her life and reign.

Perhaps you already know that Queen Elizabeth II is our longest reigning monarch, but did you realise that she has responded to 3.5 million letters? And had you stopped to think that, because she’s still working a 40 hour week at 90, she has worked for 30 years longer than the majority of British women? What an amazing lady! Most incredibly of all, did you know that the Queen has a King? Using exerts from her 2011 Christmas speech to the nation, this video explains that our Queen is indebted to her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in whose forgiveness she feels the power of God’s love.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you recognise the Queen’s assertion that we need saving from ourselves, our recklessness and our greed?
  • What was God’s solution to this universal problem? How can we enjoy this for ourselves?

Footage of Queen Elizabeth II is used under the Fair Use / Fair Dealing framework. The copyright holders are ITN, ITV, BBC & Sky

Clips used from:
Christmas Broadcast 2011 – ITN
Christmas Broadcast 2014 – BBC
Christmas Broadcast 2015 – Sky News
ITV Documentary about the Queen
BBC News about the queens 90th Birthday



Produced by Go Chatter

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Videographer: Dan Rackham