The Greatest Discovery

Finding the greatest treasure of all

“I think I’ve found you a genius!” such was the excitement of Welsh football scout Bob Bishop when he saw George Best playing for the first time. This might have been the most significant find of Bishop’s career, but this video points us towards an even greater discovery awaiting any who open the Bible. The gospel accounts of Jesus’s life confront us with a different kind of greatness. Best may have been an incredible football player, but he couldn’t heal the sick, give sight to the blind or make the lame walk, like Jesus did. Jesus even has the power to give you life beyond death. Will you take up the challenge of investing in this greatest treasure of all?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Who does Jesus claim to be? What evidence is there for this in the gospels?
  • Why is finding Jesus the greatest discovery we can ever make?

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 13:6-45



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