Well Good News of Christmas


A really really long time ago
A time before toys
A time before everything
God made the world
A time long ago…..

And just like carpenters make stuff out of wood
God made the world and it was well good.
He made all the plants, he made all the trees
He made animals, birds and he made you and me

But that time long ago, that time that was good
God walked beside humans by the trees in the wood.
But the humans he made, like you and like me
Said mean things and were really quite nasty

They’d thump and they’d punch and they wouldn’t make amends
And so God and humans could no longer be friends.
But to be friends again, God had a plan
One day he would send, a very special young man

So it happened one day, (or maybe in the night?)
An Angel came to Mary, and gave her quite a fright.

Don’t be afraid
Get scared or jump,
God’s going to give you a big belly bump

Your belly bump’s a baby
And He will be the great one
Why not call Him Jesus?
He really is God’s son!

Now inside Mary a Baby was growing
And Joseph stared at the baby bump showing
A bit worried about how the baby got there
Joseph scratched his head and twizzled his hair
But when Joseph was snoring, in his dream he had a visit -
An angel said Mary would give birth through the Spirit!

There’s a baby inside Mary
a tiny, precious life
But don’t be afraid!
says the angel
Name Him Jesus, and take Mary as your wife.

Then Mary set off travelling, With Joseph right beside
They walked and talked for miles and miles, until Bethlehem arrived.

With a baby inside Mary, who was going to be King,
When they finally arrived, there was no room at the inn!

So a place was found by haystack and corn,
And in this spot, the baby was born.
So they stayed in the shed where animals fed,
And the baby had straw instead of a (memory foam) bed

Then there were Shepherds maybe cleaning their shoes
Trying to scrape off the smelly sheep poos
Til all of a sudden, was something weird
from absolutely nowhere this Angel appeared!

Don’t be afraid!
That’s what I say!
Say Hi to the baby
In a manger full of hay

The sheep looked at the Shepherds
The shepherds looked at the sheep
‘Don’t be noisy, tip toes please!’
Baby Jesus is fast asleep.

Next, wise men had travelled ever so far
But they didn’t use (google) maps - they followed a star

So the wise blokes found Jesus,
Next to animals with fur
And they brought him some Gold
Frankincense and Myrrh

And THEN baby became boy
And boy grew to man
He made stuff out of wood
He was a carpenter man

And he did LOTS of cool stuff.

He healed the sick,
Told great stories
And was amazing all the time,
He even walked on water
And even turned water into wine!

Remember when people wouldn’t make amends?
And when God and humans could no longer be friends.
Well it didn’t end there
Because, Jesus the baby and Jesus the man
Was the exact same Jesus
And God’s rescue plan

He lived, then he died
On a cross made of wood
He died for you and me
To turn our wrong into good

But something happened
After Jesus died
That was worth a big high 5!
Cos 3 days later, He came back again
Jesus really was alive!

So don’t get scared,
Or jumpy,
And don’t be afraid.
Cos “I will be with you”
Says Jesus.

“Not for a bit 
But always,
Right til the end of the age.
(And that’s even longer than a REALLY, REALLY long time)

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