Series & Courses

A range of series and courses, perfect for engaging your groups or individual study. 

Series & Courses

Christians in Training Series

Get trained up as a Christian with Jude’s Sunday Gang.

Under Construction Series

Build up your knowledge of Nehemiah together with Jude’s Sunday Gang.

JC Hospital Series

Visit the JC Hospital, and be amazed at how Jesus heals!

Phlipping Marvellous Series

Roman-themed and Horrible History styled humour – join in to uncover Philippians!

The Wisdom Lab Series

Join the Sunday Gang for an experimental time through the wisdom literature of the Bible.

Meals with Jesus Series

Food glorious food – and glorious Jesus!

What was it like to be with Jesus? Series

Explore what happens with Jesus as reported in the four Gospel accounts.

The Story of Genesis Series

Discover the key themes of Genesis in this engaging series.

God Made Everything Series

Discover the beginning of creation in these accessible videos.

The Sermon on the Mount Series

Learn from Jesus’ teachings through these short videos for all ages.

His Work Continues Series

Engaging videos for your young people, perfect for discussions. 

Sermon Intro Videos

Start your talk with a brief introduction video on a book of the Bible

Essentials Series

Thematic videos that reveal life-changing truth found in the God of the Bible

The Journey Series

Take your small group on a journey through the narrative of the Bible

Exodus: Know the LORD Series

Discover the book of Exodus, with discussion questions to consider individually, or use as a part of your small group conversations

Habakkuk: When God Seems Silent Series

Learn through these videos from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk – ideal for small groups