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Go Chatter Videos is a curated catalogue of quality Christian video resources, and we’re on the hunt for more! We would love to equip more churches to reach more people, as well as supporting and encouraging Christian content creators.

With this in mind, we will offer a share of the revenue that your video produces so that you can be remunerated for your time and costs, and to encourage you to continue producing quality content. We will also commit substantial time and effort to marketing your video across our social media channels and in our email newsletter that goes out to 6,500 churches.

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Our videos fall roughly into two categories: 

  • calendar events videos themed round specific occasions throughout the year (e.g. Easter, Christmas, Harvest, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc.) 
  • ‘evergreen’ videos that have more general themes and could be shown at any time of the year (e.g. a gospel explanation, a video about God’s love, a Bible story video.)
Our catalogue is incredibly varied, but we’d love to see it get even more exciting! Here are some ideas of potential content videos that would fit in well on our site: 
  • Spoken word
  • Lyric videos (well-known hymns, songs or children’s tunes)
  • Animation (stop motion, 2D, 3D) 
  • Illustration
  • Interviews

If you have some content to submit or any questions, please get in touch with us via email: info@gochattervideos.com

We’d be delighted to connect via email or organise a time for a video call.