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The Romans Course

The Romans course is a ten-session programme that guides you through Paul’s letter to the Romans including themes like sin, salvation, hope, and Gospel.

You can download the session 1 video for free to help you review the course.

A Summer of Sport

We have a pair of new FREE videos for you from Christians In Sport looking at how Olympic runner Eric Liddell’s faith in God transformed his view of sport.

There are additional accompanying resources that can be found in the description of each product.


An eight-minute talk from evangelist Graham Daniels, exploring how Eric Liddell’s faith in God transformed his view of sport.

Tale of Two Runners

A short spoken word animation sharing the gospel through the story of Chariots of Fire.

LEGO Bible Animations

Check out our LEGO animations that retell stories from the Bible, available in a range of accents

Children's Animated Videos

Find the perfect video for your children in our wide range of animated videos

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