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Get Easter Sorted with Go Chatter

A creative re-telling of the passion
in Lego with an engaging poem

The Easter story is for everyone – find the accent that best suits you!

We’ve created regional versions of The Lego Easter Story so you can play the accent that is most suitable for your church.

Southern English Accent

Northern English Accent

Scottish Accent

Northern Irish Accent

4K and Subtitled Versions Available

Subtitled Version

Download these instructions and buy the parts on the included BrickLink wanted list to build your own LEGO Easter Tomb

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We have a wide variety of videos teaching the true story of Easter that are perfect for use in churches, schools, and more.

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Having suffered from chronic pain since the age of 10, Emma uses her experiences to portray suffering with understanding, sensitivity and compassion whilst encouraging us to look to Christ.

Psalm 23

Experience one of the most famous of David’s psalms in a new and engaging way with this animation and hear of God’s great comfort and provision.

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