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What do you think it’s all about?

Chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies or a brutal execution and an empty grave; what do you think Easter is all about? In this short film, UCCF explores the true meaning of Easter and the scientific and historical evidence for the resurrection. ‘The gospels are eye-witness accounts written within the lifetime of those who spent time with Jesus before His death. Any discrepancies with the truth would have immediately been picked up by other eye witnesses around at the time.’ What you think about the first Easter weekend really matters, so don’t take someone else’s word for it, “look, discover and decide for yourself”.

Can purchase the book ‘The Case for Christ’ here.
Can view the film ‘The Case for Christ’ here.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What is your response to seeing the evidence for Jesus’s death and resurrection set out like this?
  • What do you find most compelling or difficult to believe in the evidence shown here?

Related Bible Reference

  • Mark 14 – 16



Produced by UCCF

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