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The Christmas story from every angle

The Christmas story from every angle

Short, engaging videos that get to the heart of the real meaning of Christmas, and re-tell the nativity story in fresh and original ways.

The Lego Christmas Story

New for this year we’ve launched an augmented reality Christmas trail. This is an interactive hunt that could be placed around the inside or outside of your church, hall or local area. Find the hidden videos that make up the Christmas story.

This Christmas Family Lego Event bundle contains a PDF guide and 5 short videos to help you run a Christmas family event.

The event bundle guide includes:

  • Lego challenge activities
  • 5 short video clips linked to a game
  • Talk script
  • Games
  • and more…


Stop-motion, digital or dynamic illustrations – take your pick of animation!

Live action

Bring the Christmas story to life with performances from actors

Accessible Videos

Our most popular videos with versions in British Sign Language or with subtitles.

Spoken word

Powerful and creative videos with a thoughtful message