The Bible Course (Session 1)

The Bible Course is an eight-session course helping your church explore the BIG story.

The Bible in Four Minutes

An overview of the Bible through stunning animation and spoken word.

What Would You Do?

A real-life take on the parable of the Good Samaritan. A thought provoking film by the Bible Society showing the power of genuine love and kindness.

The Old Testament Journey in 3 ½ minutes

Fast-paced Christian animation giving a snapshot of Israel’s journey through the Old Testament – in just three and a half minutes!

The Early Church Journey in 3 ½ minutes

Creative Christian animation showing the action-packed beginnings of the Early Church after Jesus, as found in the New Testament.

The Greatest Journey

Follow the journeys of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds & the wise men with a creative poem and animated illustrations that children will love.

Well Good News

The message of Christmas is good news – well good news! Discover God’s plan to rescue us and see how the nativity story fits in with the rest of the Bible.

The Super Cool Story of Jesus

A beautifully animated video showing the amazing things that Jesus said and did to show how God loves us.

The Seriously Surprising Story

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers as they get talking to someone who gives them the biggest surprise of all! Jesus’ surprising story.

Three Friends and the Miracle Man

Follow Simeon and Miriam in this animated Easter Story as they meet the ‘Miracle Man’ and find out why he came!