Lyric Videos

Lyric videos from a wide range of creators. Find the perfect video for your church service or children’s group. 

Lyric Videos

Traditional Carols

Performed by Josh Lucas with non-distracting Christmas backgrounds.

Christmas songs featuring a band

Phil Moore and his team have created a wonderful blend of traditional hymns and original songs

Children's Christmas songs​

Performed by Michael Tinker, these tunes will get kids singing about the first Christmas in all-age services

Christmas Lyric Videos

Sing along to these readable and classic festive songs at your church carol service!

Easter Lyric Videos

Videos perfect for your Easter Service recorded by Phil Moore and friends. 

General Lyric Videos

Traditional hymns performed by Josh Lucas in a contemporary style.

Children's Lyric Videos

A collection from Little Workshop Company to help engage your little ones!

Children's Lyric Videos

 Sing-a-long with Michael Tinker,  with lyrics, actions and fun sound effects.