A Tale of Three Kings

As we see Jesus’ Kingship on show, We’ll see he’s unlike any king we might know

What kind of king do we imagine Jesus to be? Is he just a saviour on whom we call in time of great need, but who doesn’t really affect the way we live? Is he a tyrant who domineers and controls everything we do with an iron rod? Or is he something different? In this short animation, discover that Jesus is a king like no other. He is our valiant and heroic rescuer, yet the kind, compassionate ruler of his subjects: “He fights our great enemies of Sin, Sickness and Death,/ With a word, with a touch, with barely a breath”. What will you make of King Jesus?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How is Jesus different to the kind of one-off rescuer king we meet in fairytales, or the tyrant king who rules without any discernible love for his subjects?
  • How does this understanding of the nature of Jesus’s kingship shape our attitude to the Bible’s instruction to submit to him?



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