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Someone is Coming (Subtitled version)

Someone is Coming this Christmas, trace the reason for Jesus’s birth from the very start of history through the long wait for God’s rescuer. Subtitled Version.

The Christmas Promise (Subtitled version)

The Christmas Promise is of a new, rescuing and forever king! Delightful pop-up book animation, featuring subtitles, that brings the first Christmas alive for families.

The King and the Shepherd Boy (Subtitled version)

Children’s animated retelling with subtitles of what happened when a poor shepherd boy and a rich king met a very special baby. Although very different, both discover that Jesus is the saviour everyone needs, no matter who they are.

The Adventure of Christmas (Subtitled version)

Join in the adventure with this all-age animated Christmas video created by Faith in Kids with a catchy rendition of 'While shepherds watched their flocks by night'! Subtitled Version.

The King and the Shepherd Boy Service Bundle

Watch 'The King and the Shepherd Boy' animated video and personalise this service bundle in collaboration with 10 of those to welcome your local community to your Christmas services.

Christmas Calendar Countdown (Subtitled version)

Countdown 25 days of December to Christmas Day with creative illustrations, subtitles and a thoughtful script to help us stop, slow down and remember the real purpose of Advent.

The Adventure of Christmas Service Bundle

Watch 'The Adventure of Christmas' animated video and personalise this service bundle in collaboration with Faith in Kids to welcome your local community to your Christmas services.

The Read Along Nativity (Subtitled version)

Adapted from 10ofthose’s The Nativity, this video features animated illustrations and sound effects, revealing what happened the first Christmas. Subtitled Version.

Characters Of Christmas (Subtitled Version)

The characters of Christmas video - a fun retelling of the nativity, staring children between the ages of 2–10. Ideal for church services. Subtitled Version.

4 Words 4 Stories (Subtitled Version)

Dai Woolridge performs a powerful spoken word on 4 words that underpin the message of Christmas: "Do not be afraid". These words are offered to us today, in Jesus Christ. Subtitled Version.

Joseph (Subtitled Version)

His fiancée is pregnant, he's not the Dad... If you were him and you put 2 and 2 together, what would you come up with? Dai Woolridge performs a Spoken Word from the perspective of Joseph. Subtitled Version.

The Christmas Chord (Subtitled Version)

Brilliant Spoken Word poem that unpacks the Christmas story looking at the one thing that holds it all together - the Christmas Chord. Subtitled Version.