About Go Chatter Videos

Launched in October 2016, Go Chatter is a hub website that contains Christian videos catalogued and searchable. 

Googling and searching youtube are of limited use when trying to find specifically Christian content – they simply don’t surface the best or most relevant content for the Church. We’ve found this to be the experience of the church leaders and other looking to use video content in their ministry. Having a hub website of helpful & engaging videos means it’s easier for you to find a video that’s ideal to share with a friend or show at an event or service. 

Lots of churches or groups show evangelistic videos at events, services or in groups and so all of our Go Chatter videos are available to download. We’ve written a short overview, with quotes and discussion questions to accompany lots of the videos. Our hope is this will make it easier for individuals to incorporate these videos in their services or classes.

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Words of Encouragement

We used 'The Man Upstairs' video last night in our church homegroup - it really complemented our study, making punchy and challenging points in an engaging way - the voice-over was really clear and suited the video well.
Thanks for this nice video that I can show my year 7 students next week. Much appreciated.
The Christmas film clip was very well received last Sunday and we had a very happy Families@Four little gathering. Thank-you for making it and letting everyone use it.
Really enjoying the videos. I’ve now used 3 of them (Queen’s 90th, Bucket list [more unicycling please!] and Ultimate Sacrifice), and found them really helpful and engaging.
I used the Martin Luther video last night at our Church Bonfire Party. It was excellent. It held everyone's attention and all age groups learned even the adults! The work you are doing is fantastic and really helps to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to a digital, visual society.
Excellent! I run a group in school every Wednesday lunchtime, and will be using one of the videos from the site today and the Christmas one next month.
These videos are much appreciated and are such a good way of getting a point across. Thank you for your ministry.
Your Christmas Characters video was used in a lunchtime event in Tallaght Hospital today (near Dublin), it went down very well.
Minister, Dublin
Another brilliant video clip I will use on Sunday. I do appreciate and thank God for your ministry and generosity.
These are great videos! Thank you very much for sending them to me.
Secondary School Headteacher
Just the video I need at just the right time! Thanks so much.

Premier Digital People's Choice Award

We were delighted to win the People’s Choice award at the Premier Digital Awards 2018. Thank you to whoever nominated us for the award and thank you to friends and users of the site who voted. It was a real affirmation that individuals are finding this resource helpful.

Ongoing Work

More videos being added

We have permission from a number of other content creators to add their videos to the website. We'd love to reach one thousand over the course of the next year.

Customised videos

Ever wanted to make your own quality video but don't have the skills or time? We're developing a software tool to allow you to create customised video for your church. Exciting hey!

More content creators

We'd love to partner with more content creators, helping them to raise the profile of their Christian video content and for those videos to be a blessing to many more churches.

Paid content

Many creatives are stuck without the funds to create what God’s put on their heart. We want to see them flourish and the UK church honouring and supporting creatives. So we will be introducing some paid for video content, helping creators re-coup the money it cost them to develop their videos.