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The Book

The Bible – more than just 1189 chapters, 31,173 verses and 804,566 words.

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time, so why is it such a big deal? – What does it mean to you? Perhaps you read the Bible regularly, or perhaps it is just a big, old book on your shelf, collecting dust and rarely opened.

If we want to know God, the Bible is key – it points to Him. Through his Word, God has made himself known.

Jesus said: ‘People cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

Psalm 119 tells us that scripture is ‘a light to our path.’ Without the Bible , we’d be directionless, trying to follow God but stumbling in the dark.

Around the world, there are still millions of people who don’t possess or don’t have any access to this precious book – we can do something about this. May we be people who are passionate about ‘living it’ and also ‘giving it.’

Possible discussion questions

  • What importance does the Bible have in your own life?
  • How do you think your life would be different if you didn’t have access to a Bible?

Related Bible Verses

Matthew 4: 4, Matthew 6: 9, Matthew 9: 10


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Video created by Andy Dykes

Andy lives in Liverpool and works at the cathedral as an evangelist. He's creative, musical, enjoys rapping and loves making things, particularly when it involves power tools.

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