Video Categories

Some of the videos on this site are linked to current events or trending topics. Some have a seasonal emphasis. Others feature someone’s life-story. But all of them show how the good news of Jesus makes sense of our world and brings hope to our lives.

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Videos that celebrate what Easter is all about.


Videos that celebrate the reformation and the impact that Martin Luther had on understanding the Bible.

Gospel Explanations

Videos that unpack the basics of the good news of Jesus in an engaging explanation of the Christian faith.


Videos suitable for regular events in the annual calender. Easter, Christmas, Valentines day, Remembrance Day & Halloween etc.

Popular Culture

Videos that spring board of something in pop culture like a recent movie, TV series or music.


Videos tackling topics that get people thinking about who Jesus is.

Essentials Course

A helpful 5 part course that goes through the foundations of the Christian faith. Ideal for small groups or 1-2-1 with a friend.

News & Events

Videos that are timely and linked to some national news or event that is happening.

Real Lives

Videos that feature someone's life-story and how they have come to follow Jesus.