Characters of Christmas

A fun retelling of the nativity, staring children between the ages of 2 – 10.

Adapted from 10ofThose’s book The Characters of Christmas, children take the starring role in this video, as they act out the Christmas story. With brilliant costumes and props, we see the nativity retold with warmth and humour: shepherds taking selfies and wise men on scooters!

The characters of Christmas are all part of God’s big story – the most amazing adventure story! Each of us can be a part of that story too.

Big thanks to all the actors (all 22 children) and the team that helped on the filming day.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • How can we focus on the true meaning of Christmas this year?
  • Are there any parts of the nativity story that surprise you?



Produced by Go Chatter

Go Chatter has created a number of evangelistic videos linked to current events or trending topics, videos with a seasonal emphasis and others that feature someone’s life-story.

Script from the book published by 10ofThose

10ofThose exist to support Christian mission through the provision of quality Christian books

Filmed and Edited by Dan Rackham

Dan Rackham has been creating evangelistic videos online for 5 years, his videos have been watched just over 4 million times. Previously Dan served as an evangelist and community worker at a church in Liverpool and before that worked in Corporate Banking at RBS.