Produced by Intro Outro

Christmas As We Once Knew It

Christmas 2020 will be different

How will it fit in around the pain and loss this year? How can we make merry with limited celebrations, limited people and limited joy?

Set against VCR footage of pre-Covid Christmas celebrations, this poem doesn’t make light of the tensions of Christmas 2020, but also challenges us to H.O.P.E.: Hold On, Pain Ends.

Real hope is greater than seeing more than 3 households at Christmas. Real hope came in the form of a baby boy, who went from the first Christmas to the cross. But for this baby, death wasn’t the end. He defeated what no one else could and now walks us, in our pain, with the promise of a restored world.

Instead of trusting in Christmas lights, food and presents, we can trust in something – someone – solid and trustworthy and enduring.

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Produced by Intro Outro

Intro Outro is a YouTube channel that creates weekly videos designed to positively inspire young people. The channel introduces Gen Z to the Christian Faith, and encourage them to live out a life that will make a difference to the world.

Written and performed by: Ben Cutting