Collaborate on a Video

Calling all creatives

We love to collaborate on videos with other creatives. God has given us all different gifts, personalities and contexts – and by creating and collaborating, we reckon these videos will make a richer resource & engage a wider audience.

Be part of the Go Chatter community hub by contributing your ideas and skills to create future videos.

   Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a video that will get people talking about Jesus?

   Maybe you’d be willing to be a sounding board for future video ideas and scripts?

   Maybe you have a particular skill or gift that could be used in a video – whether it’s acting, singing, rapping or video production to name a few?

If being involved sounds fun then please get in touch below:

A recent video collaboration

The Tale as Old as Time was a real team effort where a number of people kindly contributed their skills and time. Toby & Kate Butt playing the piano and singing, Hannah Dolan writing the lyrics and Rachel Shannon along with a hand from Dan Rackham did the filming and edited the video. It was exciting how it all came together. Thanks also to Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester, UK for letting us film in their church.

A current video in the pipeline

Recently someone who’s a 2d animator and a whizz on Adobe After Effects got in touch. She was keen to use her skills to create an evangelistic video for teenagers. After thinking through various possible ideas we worked on a script together on the theme of ‘Identity’. We felt it was a tricky topic that teenagers have to navigate in life. The script works through the story of the prodigal son and shares the great news of the best place to find our identity. The video is in the pipeline at the moment.