Christmas Calendar Countdown (Subtitled version)

Countdown 25 days of December to Christmas Day with creative illustrations, subtitles and a thoughtful script to help us stop, slow down and remember the real purpose of Advent.


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Number the days of Advent and remember the true Christmas message

It''s easy to be sucked into to-do lists, present buying and Christmas busyness in December - but the danger is we forget what it''s all really about.

Emma''s creative illustrations and thoughtful script help us stop, slow down and remember the real meaning of Christmas, as she counts down 25 days to the birth of Christ.

Now released with Subtitles to be accessible and enjoyable for all.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Which number will help you remember the most? Why?
  • Who could you share this Christmas message with during Advent?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 3:16


Produced by Emma Clark

Emma is a Go Chatter content creator who loves dancing and being outside with her family but also enjoys writing poems and video editing too.

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