Jesus Is Closer Than You Imagine

We can’t see Jesus now, but he’s not far away. Be encouraged by Jesus’ promise that he is with his people always, to the very end of the age.


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What does it mean for Jesus to be close to us?

Even though our sin has put distance between us and God, God sent his Son Jesus to became one of us, and live with us!

He was close to the sick and sad, to heal them. He was close to the wise and foolish, to teach them. He was close to the young and old, to offer them life forever with him.

And eventually, Jesus died for us, to bring us close to God again.

We can't see Jesus now, but he's not far away. Be encouraged by Jesus' promise that he is with his people always, to the very end of the age.

Possible Discussion Questions 

  • Why is it so encouraging that Jesus is close?
  • How can you remind yourself that Jesus is close?

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 28:20


Illustrated and voiced by Tiarne Hookham

Tiarne came to know Jesus as a teenager, and now attends the Anglican Parish of Lithgow with her husband, Scott, and two children. She enjoys time spent being creative- particularly painting with watercolours and graphic design.

Script Mark Smith

Mark has known Jesus since childhood & has had the privilege of serving Christ in the city & country, on both sides of the globe (Australia & Ireland). Supported by his wife & 5 children, he’s been the Rector of the Anglican Parish of Lithgow since 2012.

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