Joseph (Subtitled Version)

His fiancée is pregnant, he’s not the Dad… If you were him and you put 2 and 2 together, what would you come up with? Dai Woolridge performs a Spoken Word from the perspective of Joseph. Subtitled Version.


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A Spoken Word from a lesser-explored Nativity perspective

A guy finds out his fiancé is pregnant, but guess what? He knows for a fact he''s not the Dad.

Dai Woolridge performs a Spoken Word helping us to imagine the thoughts and emotions running through Joseph''s head when he found out that Mary was pregnant.

As we see Joseph process the news, then reflect on the revelation given to him - we see anger give way to astonishment as he realises that his step son is none other than ''Emmanuel'', God with us.

Now released with Subtitles to be accessible and enjoyable for all.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What words would you use to describe how Joseph felt when Mary told him he was pregnant?
  • What words would you use to describe how Joseph felt when the Angel told him that Jesus was in fact, the promised Saviour of the world?

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 1:18-25


Produced by Spoken Truth

Spoken Truth is a resource made by Dai Woolridge, who creates short films which aim to communicate the timeless truths of the Gospel message.

Performed by Dai Woolridge

Dai Woolridge is a welsh poet, author and an award winning spoken word artist. Dai loves it when Wales do well in the rugby, is married to Cath and lives in Pontypridd.

Produced by 2V Studios

2V studios are a South Wales Film and Production studio who are passionate about engaging audiences with impactful films and videos.

Videographer Andy Toovey
Script Dai Woolridge
Music Rachel Mathias

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