Miracles Can’t Happen*

*or can they? See the miracle of Jesus’s birth through the eyes of Joseph and be amazed that God broke the natural laws of everyday life to give us his Son!


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The nativity from Joseph's perspective

We all know how the world works, how the laws of physics and biology govern how life begins. Like us, Joseph also knew how babies are made, which is why he planned to discretely break off his engagement with Mary when she told him she was pregnant before they were married.

We don’t expect miracles, even when we really, really want one! But this wasn't Joseph’s experience.

Explore the miraculous conception and birth of Jesus from Joseph’s perspective, and be amazed at this supernatural pregnancy. If God broke the natural laws that dictate our everyday lives to give us his son, is it worth listening to what he has to say?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How do you think Joseph felt that first Christmas?
  • How do we know Jesus is so special? What difference does that make?



Produced by Plungepool

Plungepool, a Christian media production company, exist to help as many people as possible engage with the good news about Jesus through creative storytelling.

Script and Animation by Jonathan Greenaway

Jonathan Greenway is a freelance video editor, motion designer and marketer consultant. He’s based in Germany where he runs PlungePool.

Music Josh Lucas
Illustrations Elisa Cunningham

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