Northern Voices: Missionary to Japan

Hear everyday Christians from the North of England, like Levi, share their stories of how Jesus has changed them. Listen to the secure identity Levi has found in Jesus and now shares with the Japanese.


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Hear everyday Christians from the North of England, like Levi, share their stories

Levi started off life near Reading, but with a father in the Army, ended up moving to Warrington and becoming a Northern lad through and through.

Levi struggled with identity as a teenager, asking 'where am I from? Am I a Christian? What does that mean?' Going to university helped answer a lot of Levi's questions, after he met a Christian in his sports team who explained that God's children are saved by grace alone.

Hear how God prevailed through family bereavement and uncertainty to sustain Levi, who now brings to good news of a secure identity in Christ to the Japanese.

Possible Discussion Questions 

  • What encouraged and challenged you about Levi's testimony?
  • Why does Jesus offer such a secure identity?

Related Bible Reference

  • Luke 3:22



Produced by Whittle Films

Whittle Films is based in Leeds and looks to create films based on testimonies that share faith openly, authentically, and that are relatable.

Filmed and Edited by Tim Hobbs

Trained at the Northern Film School, Tim is a filmmaker and videographer based in Leeds sharing people's stories through his film ministry Whittle Films. His passion is to see well-crafted films move through, and from, the Church, seeking to see lives changed and re-envision the way we communicate the Gospel.

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