Psalm 97

“The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice.” Creative interpretation of Psalm 97, produced with animated watercolour illustrations.


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This psalm is about rejoicing with creation and responding to the revelation of God’s glory. This video combines Psalm 97 with painting, to help us listen, acknowledge and appreciate perhaps familiar words in a new light. 

Watch this video to bring alive the words of Psalm 97, and rediscover David’s heart-cry in a fresh, creative and visually stimulating way. Use this video as a creative alternative to a traditional reading in your service.



Produced by LPA Church

St Paul’s & St Stephen’s are Anglican churches in the Reformed & Evangelical tradition. We exist to know, serve & proclaim Jesus in our mining community west of Sydney & beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

Mark has known Jesus since childhood & has had the privilege of serving Christ in the city & country, on both sides of the globe (Australia & Ireland). Supported by his wife & 5 children, he’s been the Rector of the Anglican Parish of Lithgow since 2012.

Illustrations Tiarne Hookham

Tiarne came to know Jesus as a teenager, and now attends the Anglican Parish of Lithgow with her husband, Scott, and two children. She enjoys time spent being creative- particularly painting with watercolours and graphic design.

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