Wrapping Paper

Heartwarming Christmas video about an insecure bear trying to hide his flaws under wrapping paper – and about how God loves us as we are.

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A teddy bear's plan to find love and acceptance this Christmas

Discover the story of an old teddy bear who believes his only chance of being loved is to hide his faults and flaws in wrapping paper. But once hidden, his dismay at being discovered and exposed only makes him more fearful. 

Yet to the bear's amazement, when the present is opened, the child loves what he finds. With his father, they repair, wash and restore the bear. 

Just like the bear, we may feel we need to hide from God because of our guilt or shame. But wonderfully, even though he knows what each one of us is like, God still came to find us. Despite our mess and sin, he loved us enough to restore us and clean us. 

This Christmas, find freedom. This Christmas, be seen. 

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you ever feel like you want to hide who you really are in the hope that you'd be loved more?
  • How does it make you feel that God would still love us without the wrapping paper, even when he knows all our faults and flaws?


Produced by Co-Mission

Co-Mission is a church planting movement united by Jesus’ “great commission” to make disciples of all nations for him in London. Co-Mission works together with other evangelical churches to reach the unreached for Christ.

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