Egg: An Easter Meditation

A Spoken Word film

Who enjoys cracking open an Easter egg?

This Spoken Word film starts by exploring the chocolate-shelled variety but goes on to unpack some of the rich symbolism often associated with the egg.

The poem stirs up big questions about life, death and whether there is more to us than the ‘shell we leave behind’.

By continuing with the metaphor, Dave shares the story of Easter and ends with a powerful reflection:

“So, consider the egg: this Easter confection
Speaks hope, offers life, proclaims resurrection.”

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What do you think happens when we die?
  • If death could not bind Jesus – and he had the power to smash his way through it, what does that mean for us?



Produced by Christ Church Central Sheffield

Christ Church Central Sheffield was planted in October 2003 from Christ Church Fulwood. Christ Church Sheffield heritage is in Anglican evangelicalism. One of the main features of this legacy is faithful Bible teaching, and it's the Bible that has shaped Christ Church Central’s value.

Performed by: Dave Crofts

Videographer: Lukasz Filipski