Egg: An Easter Meditation

Egg: An Easter Meditation


Consider the egg: this Easter delight,
Its chocolaty shell, its sugary white,
Its soft golden centre, so gooey, so sweet…
Now consider this thought: this mass-produced treat
That we bite or we lick or force whole through our jaws
Is a symbol of life, so next time you eat yours
Remember: you came from a single egg cell.
You start as an egg…do you end as a shell?

See, the egg asks a question that leaves us perplexed:
You live, and you die — but then what happens next?
What happens next when you breathe your last breath?
Is there heaven or hell, is there life after death?
When you bury your loved ones and say your goodbyes,
Is there reason to hope that one day they might rise?
When you stroll through the graves past the flowers and weeds,
Are you walking on eggshells, or walking on seeds?

To answer the egg, let me tell you a story
Of brokenness, suffering, death, hope and glory:
The story of Jesus, who walked on this earth
For thirty-three years, give or take, from his birth
To his death, after trial and unjust conviction;
He died in disgrace, through cruel crucifixion.
They took down his body, his now-shattered shell,
And laid it to rest in a stony cold cell.

So far, so normal: just one more egg broken.
But what of the words that this preacher had spoken?
He said he would die — just like me and like you —
But his “what happens next” seemed too good to be true.
He said he’d return, come alive from the grave,
He said he would conquer, said he would save.
So how should we sum up that scene in the tomb?
A shell in a cell, or an egg in a womb?

At sunrise on Sunday the world got its answer:
A hope that transcends every stroke, every cancer,
All suffering, sickness, sorrow and fear;
That holds every hand and that wipes every tear.
Because death could not bind him — he smashed his way through;
From that cell, from that shell, there exploded anew
Life everlasting, and physical proof,
That he is the way, and the life, and the truth.

Because Jesus died, and because Jesus rose,
He, more than anyone anywhere, knows
That death isn’t final, that death can be cheated
For once and for all, because he defeated
The spectre that hangs over you, over me.
He died, and he rose, so that we could go free.
So, consider the egg: this Easter confection
Speaks hope, offers life, proclaims resurrection.

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