Getting Involved

We’d love you to get involved

God’s given us all different gifts, personalities and contexts – and by creating and collaborating, we reckon these videos and this website will be a richer resource & engage a wider audience.

Below are some of the ways you can contribute your ideas and skills, either in helping create future videos, or helping to catalogue evangelistic videos already out there so others can find them easily.

Collaborate on a Video
Maybe you’ve got a particular skill or a gift that could be incorporated in a video.
Voiceover Translation
If your first language isn’t English you could contribute a voiceover translation.
YouTube Subtitles
If your first language isn’t English you could contribute translated subtitles.
Submit a Video
Help us catalogue evangelistic videos by submitting the URL of one you’ve found helpful.
Embed Videos
Show a video on your website by easily embedding it using the embed code.
Contribute financially towards the cost of producing Go Chatter evangelistic videos.