Produced by Bible Society

It Begins in Bethlehem

A Nativity Rhyme for Christmastime

A delightful rhyming animation with Quentin Blake-esque illustrations that traces the first Christmas story from Mary’s encounter with Gabriel, Joseph’s dream from God and then zooms in on the Star Watchers.

Follow the Star Watchers as they dodge Herod’s evil scheme and discover a baby King in Bethlehem, who surpasses all kings and was born to die.

The Nativity is not just a story and it’s not just for kids. It’s the hinge on which history swings.

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Produced by Bible Society

The Bible Society take the Bible and find ways to translate and distribute it, create digital formats, advocate for its place in society and help people relate to and make sense of it in their everyday lives.

Written by: Bob Hartman

Voice-over: Bob Hartman

Illustrated by: Mark Beech

Design by: Mandy Norman

Animated by: Filma King