Mary’s Song

The Christmas journey imaging in a 21st-century setting. Mary’s Magnificat performed as a spoken word poem and a song.

After Mary was visited by the angel there’s a poetic prayer in Luke Chapter 1 which is an overflow of Mary’s heart. Mary’s words are a celebration of the ever-faithful God. Mary declares these words with a knowingness that she was going to give birth to the greatest gift. In this video Cath Wooldridge performs Mary’s Magnificat through a spoken word poem and song.

If you’d like to perform Mary’s song live you can download the chord chart from the Spoken Truth website.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • Why did Mary consider herself so blessed?
  • What line of Mary’s poem most struck you? Which line makes you wonder most at God’s mercy and blessing?

Related Bible Reference

  • Luke 1



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Created by Spoken Truth

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