Myrrh for a Baby

Were the wise men crazy? Why was a baby given myrrh, a symbol of death, as a present?

We know the story – three wise men bearing gifts. Gold, frankincense and myrrh. But wait, why myrrh as a gift for a baby?

The first two gifts make sense: gold for a King and frankincense (an incense) as a symbol for deity. But myrrh – an embalming oil symbolising death? Surely not the top of anyone’s wish list at Christmas, especially not for a baby!

Why did the wise men give myrrh to the baby Jesus? – What did it signify about Jesus’ purpose and eventual death on a cross?

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • Have you ever thought about the significance of the wise men’s gifts?
  • Why is Jesus’ birth at Christmas so intrinsically linked with his death at Easter?



Produced by Streatham Central Chruch

Streatham Central is a Bible-centred family and community church in Streatham, London looking to share God’s love with people from all backgrounds.

Performed by: Ed Mayhew