Planet Earth II Part B

Planet Earth II Part B

What could be more extravagant, more incredible than the wonder of nature that we see around us on Planet Earth?

God’s extravagant love and his mission to bring us back to him


Planet Earth, extravagant, awesome and special. But stemming from our selfishness humankind have damaged this paradise. And the way we have treated each other has wrecked human relationships. We’ve also cut ourselves off from God, because he is perfect and if we’re honest we’re not. Our relationship with him is broken.

We deserve to face his righteous anger and punishment. But amazingly God responded not by turning his back, instead he did something greater and even more extravagant than creating the world. God showed his love by sending his own Son to planet earth to die a death he didn’t deserve. So that we could have a gift we could never buy: forgiveness, healing, restoration, heaven.

That’s why Jesus came, to bring us back to the one who made us and loves us extravagantly. What will you do with this offer of a fresh start that God makes to you?

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