Starting Line

Watch the first starting line to see history being made forever.

There is so much tension at starting lines: the preparation, predictions and pressure all come down to this one event. Will history be made? Who will get the glory? 

Let’s rewind back to the birth of God’s Son. The nativity is not only the original starting line that kicks off the rescue of our world. It’s also the finishing line. 

Jesus’ birth ends the striving for human glory. And he asks nothing of us but to come and follow him, as he runs the race before us.



Produced by Christians in Sport

Christians in Sport exists to reach the world of sport for Christ. Billions of people around the world play sport and Christians in Sport want to share the good news of Jesus with them and train Christian sports people to do the same.

Animated by DaySix Film

Day Six Films are an information technology and services firm. They are based in Edinburgh, creating learning programs and creative spaces for UK-based business and charities.