The King and I

The King and I is a short course from The Good Book Company, made up of 4 sessions. Each session looks at different stories Jesus told about God’s kingdom from Matthew 13. The studies will unpack why being part of God’s kingdom is so important, and what Jesus is like as God’s king.

The King and I is for anyone and everyone who wants to find out about Jesus Christ. This means that… 

  • some might know something of Jesus – and some are new to the Christian faith
  • some enjoy reading and studying – and some don’t, or are out of practice
  • some might be learning to speak English
The King and I has been designed as simply as possible to allow everyone to meet Jesus and discover God’s kingdom, and to give leaders confidence as they run groups.

The King and I is presented by two experienced Christian communicators. Leaders can choose the presenter that best suits their group: 

Lizzy Smallwood

Lizzy Smallwood

Pete Woodcock

Pete Woodcock

The King and I resources

The King and I Course Thumbanil

Each session has:

  • 3 short video presentations on the Bible passage
  • 2 testimony videos
  • 1 read-along video of the Bible passage

You’ll also find:

  • a PDF booklet with the session questions, spaces to write, relevant Bible passages and notes to aid discussion.
  • a trailer to advertise The King and I in your church or small group (different from the trailer above).

Running the course

You might choose to stream or download the videos, depending on how you are running the course. 

  • Streaming works best if the course is being run online. Putting a link to the video in the chat function means each member of the group can individually watch the video without playback issues, and return to it after the study if they want.
  • Downloading works best if your course is running in person. The video can be played on a TV or projector screen in high quality and isn’t dependent on patchy wi-fi. 

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Presenter: Lizzy Smallwood

Presenter: Pete Woodcock

Script: Anne Woodcock