The Not So Perfect Christmas

After a long, hard year, Christmas doesn’t seem to shine any brighter. Can we hope for something more than a break from the grind?

Christmas is often placed on a pedestal of gifts, family time and joy. But in 2020, has Christmas cheer been swapped for worry and fear? Are you Zoomed-out and burnt-out?

The first Christmas wasn’t perfect either. Look back to the nativity in all its gritty reality: a filthy stable, a genocidal king, a refugee baby.

In a world divided and broken by politics, racial inequality, poverty and rising mental health problems, hear the better story: light in the darkness, hope in despair and the king our world desperately needs.

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Performed by Caleb Shaw

Caleb Shaw is a videographer and spoken word artist. He produces videos for churches and corporate Christian clients as well as his own short videos helping people understand the Christian faith.