A powerful video by Christians in Sport with interviews from Debbie Flood, Linvoy Primus and Garin Jenkins.

In this Christian video, athlete Debbie Flood discusses her experiences competing in the Olympics and shares her faith story.

A Christians in Sport video asking if we will follow in the steps of the Wise Men. If Jesus is who he claims to be, will we make way for…

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The World Cup is always an epic occasion, full of amazing moments. But what is the greatest event of all time?

In the world of sport, we see success, talent, and strength but also failure, anxiety, and insecurity. But who did Jesus come to seek and save?

Have you ever wondered where God is when things are going wrong? This video explains the comfort of knowing that God has an unstoppable plan!

In a world full of thousands of questions, uncertainties and disappointments knowing Jesus' true identity changes everything. This is the greatest, most important question anyone can answer. What's yours?

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