Servant Song

Are joy and peace beyond our reach? “Servant Song” meditates on how Jesus’s life, death and resurrection bring life and hope to our brokenness.


Trace Jesus’ plan to mend a broken world – to his death? But the story doesn’t end with his defeat. Jesus’ resurrection secures us eternal life, a renewed world, eternal life and sin conquered forever.

Part 2, Resurrection

From heartbreak to joy three days later, witness the realisation of Jesus’ certain victory through Peter’s eyes. Jesus went from fully perfect to fully broken so we could be fully fixed and forgiven, forever.

Part 1, Denial

Witness the emotional turmoil of events before Easter Sunday through the man who watched from the sidelines. Spoken word by Dai Woolridge from the perspective of Peter.


If you were Joseph, and you put two and two together, what would you come up with? Spoken word with a modern twist exploring Joseph’s perspective of Mary’s pregnancy

4 Words 4 Stories (Subtitled Version)

Dai Woolridge performs a powerful spoken word on 4 words that underpin the message of Christmas: “Do not be afraid”. These words are offered to us today, in Jesus Christ. Subtitled Version.

Joseph (Subtitled Version)

His fiancée is pregnant, he’s not the Dad… If you were him and you put 2 and 2 together, what would you come up with? Dai Woolridge performs a Spoken Word from the perspective of Joseph. Subtitled Version.

The Christmas Chord (Subtitled Version)

Brilliant Spoken Word poem that unpacks the Christmas story looking at the one thing that holds it all together – the Christmas Chord. Subtitled Version.