Planet Earth II Part B

What could be more extravagant, more incredible than the wonder of nature that we see around us on Planet Earth?

FA Cup Anthem: Abide With Me

It’s one of many well-loved traditions surrounding the FA Cup: thousands sing “Abide with me” before each final… but what do the words mean?

Don’t be Scared

Are you heading back to school soon? Did you know that God promises to be with anyone who is trusting in him!

The Read Along Nativity (Subtitled version)

Adapted from 10ofthose’s The Nativity, this video features animated illustrations and sound effects, revealing what happened the first Christmas. Subtitled Version.

Loved this Christmas

Thought-provoking and moving Christian remake of John Lewis’ 2015 ‘Man on the Moon’ Christmas advert – the greatest gift you’ll ever know.

Are you Ready for Christmas?

‘Tis the season to be busy! Short, evangelistic animation that explains the good news of Christmas and how we can be ready to receive Jesus.

Ydych chi’n barod ar gyfer y Nadolig

Gallwn fod mor brysur yn paratoi a phoeni beth sydd gan y siopau i’w gwerthu i ni, fel ein bod yn colli’r peth pwysicaf oll. Yr hyn sydd gan Dduw i’w roi i ni.

Plan As Old As Time

Watch “Plan as Old as Time”: the song that celebrates the oldest love story the world has ever known: that between God and humanity.

Characters Of Christmas

Fun retelling of the nativity, adapted from 10 of Those’s book ‘The Character’s of Christmas’, starring children aged 2–10.