When I Get to Heaven

In this spoken word video, Phil Howe unpacks the big themes of forgiveness and eternal life, focusing on how Jesus chose to forgive and accept the thief who was crucified next to Him.

God With Us

What makes Christmas a truly happy or merry time? What and why do we celebrate? Unpack three names given to the baby in the manger: “Christ”, “Jesus” and “Immanuel” meaning ‘God with us’. Merry Christmas!

You Know His Name

…and he knows yours. But do you really know him? The Christian faith isn’t about having the right answers, but about a personal relationship with Jesus who came to save us.

Do Not Worry

The lockdown ‘Do Nots’ might feel confining, but the Bible’s ‘Do Nots’ are liberating.

Do Not Fear

Have you noticed that we can be less scared depending on who we’re with? The Bible tells us that the Almighty God is with us – always.

Do Not Be Anxious

Another lockdown, 2 millennia ago: what does the apostle Paul write from prison? ‘Do not be anxious. Pray and receive God’s peace.’