4 Kinds of Christmas

Four approaches to Christmas – which one are you?

What approach do you take to Christmas? Are you a Scrooge, a Shopper, a Santa or…a Stable-visitor?

Scrooge is happy in his woe, the shopper spend spend spends – they’ll worry about the cost later and Santa offers Christmas cheer – but does it last?

‘Are we able to strip back to the stable,
This fable made flesh,
our Maker enmeshed in the mess.
To bless us, possess us, and be heaven’s Yes to our race.
To embrace us in grace, evermore in our place.’

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • How do you approach Christmas?
  • How can we share with others the message of the ‘stable’ at Christmas time?



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Script Glen Scrivener

Glen Scrivener is originally from Australia and has lived in the UK for more than half his life. He started as curate at All Soul’s Church, Eastbourne, where he and his family still worship. Currently he is the Director of Speak Life based in Eastbourne trying to spread the gospel through missions and online presence.

Producer: Kairos Films and Media

Director of Photography: Luke Aylen

Music: Josh Lucas