Mr Thankful

Mr Thankful is a comedy short for the Harvest season that encourages us to be thankful in every moment – to friends, colleagues, and to God.

The Myth That Really Happened

This video invites us to look again at the Easter story. What if this fairytale is the truth? What if Jesus really is the hero?

Divine Comedy

Engaging Christian video explores the Easter story. What is life, what kind of tale? Comedy or tragic? Is Easter the true comedy?

If You Had Been Here

Lazarus is dead. Jesus wasn’t there. Watch “If you had been here” to discover what Jesus can possibly have to offer his bereaved sister?

Christmas in Dark Places

For many, Christmas will be a hard time, full of loneliness, homelessness or loss. But that first Christmas, Jesus came to bring light to those dark places.

Anti-Santy Ranty

Is God a giant Father Christmas? A moralistic dispenser of stuff – someone who’s watching and waiting to spot our mistakes? Or is there something more to him?

Halloween: Trick or Treat?

Kids in costumes and candle-lit pumpkins… this video by Glen Scrivener takes a closer look at the origin and message of All Hallows Eve!

To End All Wars

“The pressing question./What can halt inborn aggression?”. If war is to cease, our hearts have to change. Find out how, watch “To End All Wars”.

Life According to Jesus in 321

Have you ever wondered what Jesus makes of the big issues: God, the World, and You? Watch “Life According to Jesus in 3,2,1” to find out!

Meet the Nativity

Meet the Nativity, Episode 1 – A time-travelling romantic comedy in which 21st and 1st century Christmases magically collide.

In the Beginning

It’s the ultimate question and the biggest mystery: what happened in the beginning? This thought-provoking Christian video explores some answers.

Good News in 90 Seconds

Creative Christian video explaining the main message found in the Gospels and the good news about Jesus into just 90 seconds.

The Gift

This Christmas watch this musical comedy that follows the journey of an unopened Christmas present that no one seems to want.

Holy Sweat

Challenging Christian video – Holy Sweat – Spoken Word performance encouraging us that we are not working for salvation, but for God’s glory.

The Coming

Animation set to R.S. Thomas’ advent poem ‘The Coming’, this Christmas video is a fresh exploration of what happened that first Christmas, when God the Father sent his only Son into his beautiful but broken creation.


We were all born to die, is there really no escape? God doesn’t let down a rescue-rope, he sends a cannonball! Watch to find out more.

On The Way To Jerusalem

A funny thing happened on the way to Jerusalem… Watch this video for Easter themed stand-up poetry about the comedy behind Easter.

On The Way To The Execution

This spoken word poem unpacks the sad humour and irony in Jesus’ execution.

On The Way To The Tomb

Spoken word video from Speak Life about the humour and irony surrounding Jesus’ resurrection.

That Dragon Death

Award winning computer game, That Dragon, Cancer is a game that mirrors life because it is unwinnable; we all face death. But is there hope?

Sacrifice At The Cinema

We see it many times – a hero giving themselves for others, and it resonates with us. Why? Is it to do with the greatest story ever told?

Beauty And The Beast

Children love “Beauty and the Beast”, but what happens if Beast dies, is that a good ending? And what about us? Can we have a good ending?

Authored To Die

Spoken word Christian video of the author of life rewriting history to come down into time and space and die on Good Friday as an offering for humanity’s sin.

2020 Vision

Have you got 20/20 Vision? Watch this video to find out how to see clearly at the start of this New Year!

There’s a Dragon in my Nativity!

Explore the truth of the unseen dragon at Christmas, and the dragon slayer who came to the manger.

On Earth As In Heaven

Walking on the moon has to be one of humankind’s biggest achievements, but for the 8th man on the moon there is something more amazing still…

Year in Search 2019

In 2019, the world asked “What?” more than ever. We search the internet for answers to our biggest questions. What can save us?

4 Kinds of Christmas

Are you a Scrooge, a Shopper, a Santa… or a Stable-visitor? Dig a little deeper this Christmas, and return to the stable to discover the real meaning of the manger in the mess.

The Coming

Christmas is a holiday that comes with a cost. Explore the reality of Jesus saying ‘let me go there’ in this cinematic visualisation of RS Thomas’ poem.