4 Words 4 Stories

A Spoken Word

A Spoken Word video exploring the stories of Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds. To each, these words were given – ‘Do not be afraid.’

They are words offered to us in Jesus.

Amidst the terror and suffering we may feel and see around us today, a ‘jolly Christmas’ may not fit. If we dig a little deeper into the Nativity narrative, we see four words that are fitting and filled with hope.

In isolation, they would be empty of meaning, perhaps even foolish or distasteful given the pain that surrounds us.

But they’re not in isolation, these 4 words are spoken with the birth of a certain baby in mind. And that baby’s Jesus – and that changes everything.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • What part of this Spoken Word moved/challenged/spoke to you?
  • How does this message of Christmas differ with the message of the shops or commercials?

Related Bible Reference

  • Luke 1:13
  • Luke 1:30
  • Luke 2:10
  • Matthew 1:20



Performed by Dai Woolridge

Dai Woolridge is a welsh poet, author and an award winning spoken word artist. Dai loves it when Wales do well in the rugby, is married to Cath and lives in Pontypridd.

Editor: Andy Toovey